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Near Enough: The World of Beatrix Potter Attraction

April 23, 2014

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Our first stop in Windermere after checking into our guest house was The World of Beatrix Potter Attraction.

Beatrix Potter is an author whose stories most of us will have grown up with and I was intrigued to learn a little more about her, her place of inspiration and the characters. My immediate thoughts when entering the attraction were that it was a little small and focused on the shop but I soon discovered that there’s a hidden world behind one of the doors past the Box Office.

After duly paying our entry fee, we sat on some seat sized cotton bobbins and waited for the door to open and signify the start of our tour. The attraction begins with a short film introduction which talks about Beatrix Potter and some of her characters. I felt that the film lacked great storytelling which meant that it didn’t quite get you as excited about what you were about to see as it could have.

After the film, the door to our left opened and revealed the world of Beatrix Potter’s characters. I took plenty of photographs as we were walking around and rather than try and set the scene through my writing, I’m sure you’ll prefer to browse the photos above. You’ll notice that there’s a Peter Rabbit Garden too which is full of wonderful flowers and vegetables, and a scarecrow with a Peter Rabbit jacket on to scare the birds away.

The attraction is well worth visiting and you can read more about the attraction, upcoming events, the shop and the cafe over on the official website.

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