Preparing for Paris: French Manicure

When I first started this blog I wrote on the about page that if I ever successfully managed to paint my nails without getting varnish everywhere, it might feature. Today is not that day.

It took me a long time to stop biting my nails and after a few months, I’ve still not mastered painting my nails without getting varnish all over the tips of my fingers. With my trip to Paris approaching I figured that I might as well treat myself to a manicure and have my nails done properly for the first time. At least then I wouldn’t need to worry about getting it perfect.

I headed to Millies on Vicar Lane yesterday as I’ve visited their beauty room before. For someone who isn’t amazingly girly in regards to beauty, salons can be off-putting but their staff instantly put you at ease, ensuring that your visit is comfortable and enjoyable.

When it was time to paint my nails, I was informed that they’ve just got a new Vinylux polish in that features some of the attributes of Shellac but it doesn’t need intense UV light to set and it should have longer lasting coverage compared to the brand they used previously. Full details of the polish, including colour options can be found via the link.

For the style/colours, it was easy to decide, it had to be a French manicure and it’s white tips synonymous with Parisian fashionistas.

My nails aren’t quite long enough to be shaped properly but I think that the manicure still works well (and it’s certainly tidier than if I’d have tried it at home!).

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