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Scrumdiddlyumptious: the event

October 6, 2014

Our Scrumdiddlyumptious: An Afternoon of Chocolate Indulgence event with Gallery, Munro House seemed to arrive in no time. We sold out a couple of days before (and just ahead of editorial support from Emerald Street) so apologies to anyone who clicked through and couldn’t purchase a ticket – I hope you’ll keep an eye out for future events.

Scrumdiddlyumptious was a new challenge for both myself and the Gallery – it’s the first afternoon tea event that the Gallery has hosted and it was the first food event I’d hosted under my own brand. Luckily for us, everyone that attended was super lovely and seemed to have a good time.

We approached the food with a more is more approach and I guess you could say that both myself and Ellie from the Gallery prefer to over deliver than under deliver!

Scrumdiddlyumptious at Gallery Munro House

The table was literally packed with goodies as you can probably see from the images! In total we had baked two scones per person – one traditional and gluten-free, one chocolate chip; a white chocolate, lemon and poppy-seed cupcake per person (with a few extra for good measure which we may have since tucked into…); 48 townies with the intention of everyone (we had a capacity of 24 people) having one townie but there were two variations – one with M&Ms pretzels and one packed with white chocolate; and on top of the aforementioned there was a chocolate and orange cake from That Old Chestnut. Oh, and we had a myriad of glassware and jars decorating the table full to the brim with sweets.

AND each person was given a biscuit in the shape of a Wonka hat to decorate whilst all the chocolate was settling in their tummies. Don’t worry, we tried to avoid people making themselves sick from a sugar overdose by providing a box to fill with whatever they might want to tuck into later.

Aside from the main table of treats we had a little reading area with the Gallery’s beautiful sofas, my childhood copy of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and other Roald Dahl books along with a selection of signed Quentin Blake books that the Gallery have available to buy.

I don’t think we’d be blowing our own trumpets by saying that the event was a great success and you can see the Twitter response and images below. Thank you to all those that attended and shared their experience online, I hope to see you again at other events (both my own and others around the city).

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