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Near Enough: Quick Bites near Windermere & Hill Top

April 25, 2014

Whilst we were in Windermere we popped into a couple of places for a quick bite to eat and drink between exploring the sights nearby. Our first stop for a much needed refuelling of energy before our walk to Hill Top was Pasty Presto which is on Royal Square as you approach the lake.

C is quite a fan of pasties and our immediate choices were Pasty Presto or the nearby chip shop. I’m attempting to eat a little healthier and didn’t want anything too big so we opted for a warm pasty to eat in. I chose the vegetable pasty to try whilst C had pork and apple.

The pastry was lovely and firm yet became flaky and melted in your mouth as you took a bite and the filling was well seasoned. Whilst I’d opted for the vegetable option, I didn’t feel like I’d missed out by not having a meat variation and I think that’s always a good sign of a well made vegetable pie or pasty.FrithysLater, as we made our way back from Hill Top we ran into a lady putting some signage up. She noted that she was from a nearby tea room that was reopening for the season and asked us if we would like to pop in. My first question was if they had ice cream as it was a lovely warm day and it was time for a treat. She confirmed that they did and we made our way on the short journey to the tea room, Frithy’s.

We were feeling quite parched so along with an ice cream each from The Handmade Ice Cream Company (gingerbread for C and strawberry for me) we settled down on the outdoor seating with a bottle green elderflower drink each. We spent a little time relaxing and enjoying a sit down, eating our ice cream and chatting about the things we’d seen at the Beatrix Potter attractions.

Frithy'sIt wasn’t long before the lady we had seen returned to the tea room and just before we were getting ready to leave, she brought out a delicious looking strawberry tart. She noted that it was nearing their closing time and that rather that it go to waste, we should have it. It was as delicious as it looked; lovely and sweet with a sweet shortcrust base and a surprise touch of custard below the strawberries.

Before we left I asked how much the tart was (we didn’t want to assume it was free) and was told that we stopped it going to waste so it was fine. I thought it was a lovely gesture and would say that the sweet treats on offer are worth the trip to Frithy’s alone if you’re near Hill Top.

Pasty Presto is about 5 minutes walk from Lake Windermere on Royal Square, Lake Road.

Frithy’s is located just off the B5285 and is on your left as you return from Hill Top on the off-road footpath towards the ferry.

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