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Near Enough: Snow Day at Roundhay Park

January 19, 2015

On Saturday we woke up to snowflakes falling and for some reason I was motivated to get out and about and walk to Roundhay Park. It was strange considering we’d sat up chatting into the early hours with a friend but you’ve gotta make the most of the motivation whilst it’s around.

After getting up and ready, I waited by the door (complete with multiple layers and my wellies) whilst Chris put his shoes and coat on – kinda like an excitable little kid who probably wished they didn’t have to change out of their PJs so they could get outside quicker.

Unfortunately the snow didn’t fall for too much longer and by the time we’d walked to Oakwood it felt as though we needed to de-layer it was so warm.

After picking up a couple of items from the Morrisons local, we continued on our walk, checking to see if any of the traders of the Oakwood Farmers Market were still trading (sadly they weren’t).

Roundhay Park

We found ourselves walking around the lake and then back up towards Oakwood where we stopped off at Tasty to defrost over some lunch and hot drinks. It had become particularly cold as we walked back from the lake and it was good to rest our weary legs.

It can be too easy for us to put off a walk to the park because we tend to be out for a good few hours (and walk 6 miles or so) but I think we’ll be trying to fit in some more local adventures now we’re without a car (someone crashed into the back of Chris before Christmas and we’re decided not to rush into buying another).

Have you been on any weekend Winter walks recently? Where did you go?

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