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Near Enough: Scottish Borders, Park Up and View

August 22, 2016

When we were on our little Scottish Borders adventure at Roulotte Retreat we realised that there were a number of places we could visit for free. They were park up and view places where we could take in the scenery and if we had been organised enough, enjoyed a picnic.

I came across two of the locations by scouring Instagram ahead of our trip so I thought I’d save you the insta research and share them here.

Lindean Loch (pictured above)

We stumbled across Lindean Loch by chance as we were returning to Roulotte Retreat after a day of exploring other areas in the Scottish Borders. We noticed a small car park, the reservoir and an information sign as we were driving by so decided to do a u-turn at the earliest opportunity and take a look.

The view of the reservoir was picture perfect, so much so my photograph of it was used in The Guardian to illustrate their weather section in June!

You could easily while away a good half an hour at the reservoir (if not longer) and the small car park means that you don’t need to worry about trying to find somewhere to park on a narrow country lane.

Lindean Loch can be found on the A699 Selkirk to St. Boswells.

Scott's View in Spring

Scott’s View

Scott’s View is the first location I found through Instagram that I knew I definitely wanted to visit. The view of Eildon Hills looked relaxing and beautiful, and I’d spied that the viewpoint had seating which was an added bonus considering I was only 3 weeks from my due date on our trip.

For those that aren’t heavily pregnant, it looked as though there could be a good walk down the hill into the valley but if you’d prefer to lose yourself in the view, I’d recommend taking a picnic and perching on the hillside.

Scott’s View is near St Boswells and parking is in laybys close to the entrance to the hillside where the benches are located which is convenient.

Leaderfoot Viaduct in spring

Leaderfoot Viaduct

Leaderfoot Viaduct is a railway viaduct over the River Tweed by Melrose which is just off the A68.

We’d spotted the heritage signs the day before our visit while we were on our way to Chris’s horse riding lesson and made a note to stop off on our way to Abbotsford House.

Similarly to other places of interest, there is parking by the viaduct and there are a number of walking routes that can be enjoyed too (sadly I was too large and waddling to enjoy the walks).

A listed bridge, the viaduct is another spot where there’s an opportunity to grab a shot for your Instagram account.



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