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Mini Wishlist – March 2016

March 10, 2016
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When I’m trying to distract myself from the day’s events and am whiling away some time trying to wind down, I can frequently find myself browsing a variety of websites and bookmarking cute outfits, toys and decor. Here’s a round-up of the top 6 items that have caught my eye recently and have been added to Mini’s wishlist:

1. Nobodinoz Green Zig Zag Large Teepee from molly-meg, £129.00

2. Baby sailor shirt in heavy jersey from Petit Bateau, £26.50

3. Plan Toys Racing Car from molly-meg, £19.00

4. Blue Happy Cloud Cushion from noodoll, £40.00 (also available in a gift set)

5. Cloud Shelf from M&S, £29.50

6. Ovo High Chair from nubie, £320 (with seat cushion)


We’ve opted for neutral decor in the nursery so we can personalise it as Mini gets older and develops his interests; whether that be Peter Rabbit, dinosaurs, Formula One or anything else, and the cloud shelf and cushion would sit perfectly within our chosen theme.

Elsewhere in the house, we’ve started a Scandinavian transformation of the living room and should we have the budget, I would definitely be investing in the Ovo High Chair. There’s something chic about wooden high chairs and they also give me the impression that they’d be much more durable than their plastic counterparts which would mean that it could become something that is passed down in the family. (I’ve spotted some wooden options in Mothercare too which are a little more budget friendly).

Sustainable baby items

Speaking of items that could be passed down, the retro wooden toy car is where Chris’s interest in Formula One and environmentally friendly toys meet. Where possible, I want us to avoid having a large turnover of toys and I can imagine something like this lasting a long time and even becoming a piece of decor in Mini’s room once he’s grown out of it. Maybe that’s just my home styling interests speaking though!

Whilst I appreciate Mini won’t have the mobility and flexibility to play until next year, I’ve already had my eyes on a few staple items that we could invest in. A teepee is one of those items for me – we should be able to use it as storage (or hide baby/toddler paraphernalia in when people are coming over) and it would be Mini’s own personal space in a larger room where we can keep an eye on him.

Sailor styling

Lastly, the baby sailor shirt was just too cute to not include and it’s of a similar style to my women’s Petit Bateau top without it being a carbon copy. We could rock French sailor chic together if he had this in his wardrobe.

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