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La Casita, Horsforth

August 17, 2016

A couple of weeks ago we attended our first blogger event as a family, the launch of La Casita in Horsforth. La Casita is a tapas bar serving a range of authentic Spanish tapas, beer and wine. With bars in Ilkley and Boston Spa already, the Horsforth launch implies that La Casita have a winning formula.

As with many launches, canapes are circulated and wine is flowing. Keen to get a wider taste of the menu, we ordered from a basic menu available on our table (there were no hot dishes on this menu unlike the menu found on the La Casita Ilkley website). We ordered a meat platter where I asked the chef to choose his favourites, olives and a selection of breads.

There was some confusion as to whether we could order food with it being the launch (everything was very new to the staff and they were still getting to grips with the till system) but to apologise for the wait we were given our drinks for free which was a nice gesture.

Due to the nature of what we’d ordered, it didn’t take long for it to arrive and we leisurely worked our way through the selection. Some of the breads were served warm which made all the difference and the olives were pitted so that made it easier when I was eating with one hand and holding Mini in the other.

The meat platter had a selection of cured meats along with a refreshing tomato chutney. Chris had the lions share of the meats and while there were no issues with any of the selection, it would have been useful to have been made aware of which meats the chef had chosen for us.

As we were eating, Mini needed an inevitable nappy change so Chris headed to the disabled toilet. I’d already checked and had seen that there was no changing table in there but the manager spotted Chris en route and took him up to the office so he could change him in a nicer environment than the toilet floor. She explained that they hadn’t quite had chance to install the changing table yet, cleared space in the office and held Mini to allow Chris to get things ready/put them away which we appreciated.

The launch event, like many, will have had its ups and downs for the staff but considering there were a couple of small instances where they weren’t entirely prepared for our needs, they handled the situations really well and we left impressed. La Casita is somewhere we’d visit again and I’m looking forward to trying the wider menu when we do.

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