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Invergarry Guest House, Windermere

April 23, 2014
Invergarry Guest House

On Sunday after working for most of the weekend, I visited and made a booking for the Invergarry Guest House in Windermere for Monday evening. It was time for a break away from my laptop and an attempt to enjoy some of the bank holiday.

I’d found the Invegarry Guest House by ordering the available guest rooms by price and was surprised to find somewhere of such high quality, so close to Windermere station and with such great reviews for Β£65 so I booked it there and then. Not long after making my booking, the owners Steve and Vicky made a great impression by personally confirming the booking and later following my response with our anticipated arrival time, informing me that they may be able to pick us up from the station.

When we arrived in Windermere both of our phones were without signal so we decided to wander into the main village and use Google Maps once we had 3G.

On arriving at the hotel we were politely greeted by Steve who asked what we planned to do whilst we were there, offered some tips and gave us the key to our room; we were staying in the Classic Room on the 1st floor.

As we entered the room we were instantly impressed with how open yet homely it felt. The weather was lovely outside, the windows were open and our view was of stone houses nearby.

The room has quite a lot of storage with fitted wardrobes, a large chest of drawers, tea tray, dresser and tub chair and yet it still felt quite big and open rather than cluttered. The furnishings and white fitted wardrobes prevented the room being too dark and the green accessories added a muted pop of colour (oxymoron, I know!).

We didn’t stay in the room for too long when we arrived because we were keen to visit the lake and nearby Beatrix Potter attractions.Β  On returning later in the evening, we settled down and tucked into the complimentary homemade cake on the tea tray; toffee cake. It was moist without being too dense and had just the right amount of toffee so it wasn’t sickly.

After a little chatting it wasn’t long before we were asleep. In the morning I made use of the Cole and Lewis toiletries (for one night away I didn’t want to take a huge wash bag) and got ready for breakfast. The breakfast was served in the front room on the ground floor and we chose to sit by the window.

Everything was made fresh and we both ordered the Cumbrian Grill from the varied breakfast menu. Whilst we waited for the core breakfast to arrive we had toast with our tea (me) and coffee (C). Our table had two homemade conserves on it for us to try – marmalade and raspberry jam. I tried the jam whilst C tested the marmalade and we were both complimentary of the homemade efforts.

It wasn’t too long before our Cumbrian Grill’s arrived consisting of Cumberland sausage, bacon, fried egg, fried bread, mushrooms, tomato and beans. Stuffed to the brim, it was time to finish packing our rucksacks and get ready to check out.

The check out process was really smooth and conversational and we left the guest house feeling like we’d got lucky with both our accommodation and the weather.

To read more about the Invergarry Guest House, head over to their website.

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