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Tried & Tested: FreeRider Range Original Baby Wrap

September 1, 2016

I did a brief review of the FreeRider Range Original Baby Wrap in my earlier post, Great Gifts for First Time Parents but I thought it was worthy of a full review.

I bought the baby wrap in a sleep deprived haze not long after Mini was born as it was on offer on Amazon, had great reviews and the description said it was suitable for newborn babies. Unfortunately when it arrived the next day (Amazon Prime is a saviour with a newborn btw), the instructions stated that the wrap was only suitable for babies over 8lb and this meant that we couldn’t use it.

I tweeted about my disappointment not expecting a reply but the FreeRider team swiftly responded and we continued communicating by email where they were very apologetic that the Amazon listing had given us false hope. We kept the wrap for when Mini weighed enough and I am so so glad we did.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the FreeRider wrap has been a lifesaver for us. When he was first big enough to go in it, it comforted Mini and allowed me to blog for a couple of hours; when he’s unsettled because he wants to be nosey, we can take the wrap from under the pram and comfortably carry him around instead; it’s quicker and easier to get out of the house for small journeys like popping to the shops (we have steps we need to navigate the pram down to get out of the house); and I’ve even managed a round of crazy golf while wearing Mini.

I’d initially been afraid of wraps that are a single long piece of fabric but the instruction booklet with colour photographs is really clear and after a couple of times I was confident at putting it on without the booklet. The same goes for Chris, it quickly became second nature for him too.

Mini is still small so we’ve only tried it in the first style of wrap, the kangaroo hold, but I know we’ll continue using it as long as we are able to carry his weight on our front.

While the wrap isn’t as wipe clean as some of other carriers on the market, it’s fabric so it can easily be popped into the wash with our dark clothes. The fact it is grey also means it’s unisex and we’ve had a number of people ask where we’ve got it from purely because Chris has been able to wear Mini. Our local supermarket are so used to his baby wearing they ask where Mini is if he’s not wearing him!

Overall, we have been very happy with our wrap and at the discounted price on Amazon, it really is a good purchase. It’s a great lovely neutral colour (which also means it doesn’t clash with your outfits!), it’s comfortable for the little one (he regularly snoozes in it) and it’s very easy to put on, taking a matter of minutes once you’ve mastered fabric origami.

You can read more about the wrap on their website here and it can be bought on Amazon.

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