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February 12, 2015
crafts, diy mirror, using leftover carpet, up cycling, carpetright offcuts

Earlier this week I attended a bloggers event at Chirpy in Chapel Allerton with Carpetright. The crux of the event was to learn about the different ways you can upcycle and make the most of the offcuts you get when a new carpet is laid.

Whilst the majority of larger offcuts make their way to dog and cats homes, some of the smaller items can find themselves in the bin. Rather than waste what can be a pretty good material for crafts, Carpetright wanted us to see how we could use carpet in DIY projects.

crafts, diy mirror, using leftover carpet, up cycling, carpetright offcuts

Miriam Laville was leading the workshop on Carpetright’s behalf and began by showing us a couple of items she’d decorated with carpet cut offs. It was our time to decide what we were going to use as a base before we knew it and I opted to choose something of a manageable size, a mirror. Others were a lot more adventurous with 2 people making lovely homemade mats.

I had a black Ikea MALMA mirror as a base and picked out a piece of lovely grey carpet which I shared with Liz. I picked up 4 laser cut pieces of wood that looked a little like portholes along with rounded mirrors too. I knew that I wasn’t going to completely cover the mirror with carpet and a concept slowly began to emerge.

crafts, diy mirror, using leftover carpet, up cycling, carpetright offcuts

I cut a rectangle of carpet into strips with a Stanley knife so it would be more manageable for me and Liz to share, before gradually shaping my pieces to the right sizes. I hadn’t been entirely certain of how long to have the pieces so I decided that it’d be better to start of longer and reduce the size after judging it by eye.

Once the pieces were at the right size, I used scissors to tidy up the edges and at times, this felt the longest job of the whole process! When they were suitably tidied I laid them out on the mirror and considered the wider design. It was a no-brainer to put the circular mirrors in the laser cut porthole-esque shapes and place them in the uncovered areas.

crafts, diy mirror, using leftover carpet, up cycling, carpetright offcuts

As I considered my design, I felt that something was lacking and I immediately thought that if the wooden shapes were purple it would really add some colour to the mirror and asked Miriam about paints. Miriam didn’t have purple paint but she had a lovely pale blue which would add an upcycled kitsch vibe to the mirror.

crafts, diy mirror, using leftover carpet, up cycling, carpetright offcuts

I set on with painting the wooden shapes (and somehow managed to get paint all over myself) and decided to break for lunch whilst they were drying. Melissa, the representative of Carpetright had a selection of delicious looking sandwiches and cakes on the side from The Sunshine Bakery for us and they didn’t disappoint. There were gluten free options available for me so I didn’t have to miss out on the tasty treats and the gluten free brownies were AMAZING. They were really moist and a heck of a lot better than the shop bought variations I’ve had since going gluten free.

Once the paint was dry, it was time for me to start sticking my components onto the mirror. I began by using adhesive spray to attach the carpet pieces in place and then used a tube of copydex for the small mirrors and wooden shapes. All in all it took a few minutes but just like the paint, I managed to cover my hands in glue. Typical.

Crafting with Carpetright, carpetright offcuts

I gave the mirror a few minutes to dry before checking that everything was in place by tipping it upside down. As I had finished I tried to give my area a little tidy to make sure there was no paint or glue on the table and before I knew it, it was time for a group shot to showcase our creations (you can see the photo on Carpetright’s Twitter here).

Amongst the small group of us there was everything from mirrors to planters and mats – there really was quite a variation, especially in design. The event highlighted that there are a number of ways you can make use of stray cuts that are left when you buy a new carpet and the effects can be much nicer than you might initially assume.

crafts, diy mirror, using leftover carpet, up cycling, carpetright offcuts

Before we left we were provided with a goody bag and Melissa double-checked that I received the one which had gluten free Candy Kittens treats inside. We were sent away with a lovely mug from Waitrose, colourful carpet offcuts for DIY creations at home and a Β£10 voucher from our lovely host, Harriet at Chirpy.

Side note: If you’ve been reading Cheery for a couple of years you’ll remember that I attended a printscreening workshop at Chirpy a little while ago where I created Cheery Little Thing tote bags.

Thank you to Carpetright, Miriam and Melissa for a lovely crafternoon and to Chirpy for being perfect hosts.

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