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Betty Magazine in Leeds

June 16, 2014

Before we knew it our event with Betty magazine was upon us and we were setting up the blank canvas next to Colours May Vary in Munro House on Wednesday.

With just 1 ticket remaining we set up the space to welcome 40 guests to hear more about the history of Betty, what their views are on current publishing and how Betty came to be the magazine we get excited to buy twice a year.

We had commissioned a huge vinyl sticker of the Betty logo from Duke Studios that was in situ, gallery shelves were borrowed from Lord Whitney, Laura Wellington had put up her Mini Hula light fittings, we’d picked up some lovely flowers from Leeds Markets to place in Paperchase wedding favour jars and over a few hours the space came together.

We soon learnt how hard it is to source benches (who knew?!) and were pleased with how the space became a bright, airy idyll with Instagram friendly decor.

Waiting for everyone to arrive was slightly terrifying but as a few of you arrived early, you soon alleviated nerves as the Betty luggage tags (required to pick up the free magazine, Prosecco and cake) were handed out and we checked people in. After the second terrifying aspect of the event – introducing everyone to the talk – had passed, it was time to relax into hearing more about the Betty concept, team and vision.

It was lovely to learn about the roots of Betty, see everyone giggle at the jokes and quick witted comments from the Betty team, and hear a snapshot of the Betty journey alongside the advice from Charlotte Jacklin (editor), Charlotte Melling (creative director) and Liam Hine (designer). It was nice to hear that it takes time to get things just the way you want them and to see how collaboration is truly at the heart of Betty and that’s what makes it genuine, like a friend and for girls of all ages – from 18 to 80.

After the talk ended, we celebrated with cocktails from The Grub and Grog Shop; music from Steph Pullen, resident DJ at Heavy Soul and Nasty Gurl; and more delicious cake from Noisette Bakehouse (how we managed to let Sarah of Noisette take some cakes home I do not know!). Pastille Beauty Salon were also in Cafe 164 providing Dash Mani’s for those of us who hadn’t quite managed to find time earlier in the day and Colours May Vary seemed to consistently have people wandering around the shop admiring their wares.

If you came to the event, do let us know your thoughts in the comments and if you’d like us to bring more people like the Betty team to the city.

The photos in our gallery were taken by Mandlenkosi Maposa whose short film for Writing Britain, “Live how you sleep. Live how you dream” was published on the BBC Fresh website last Monday. If you’ve been reading Cheery Little Thing for a little while, you might remember that I posted about the project following the Leeds premiere of the trio of films earlier in the year.

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