About Cheery Little Thing

Cheery Little Thing exists to showcase the little things that can make you smile. Whether it’s a successful baked creation, a fashion find, a great read, a review of a thrilling theatre piece or anything in between.

The posts are, on the most part, of a cheery disposition and endeavour, where possible, to provide balanced arguments.

The posts are focused around what I stumble across / get excited about and want to share. If you would like me to feature something, feel free to get in contact.

A bit about Kay

Kay Brown

Now in my late twenties, I’m growing up. After working across a number of large scale arts and entertainment events in Yorkshire, I’m currently managing a content and online PR team at a leading search agency in Leeds and have a newborn boy, (referred to online as) Mini.

In terms of interests, I’ve grown out of a lot of things like TV series, gigs and owning far too much stuff yet bands like The Strokes and The Vines still give me enough memories for a lifetime. Minimalism doesn’t seem very achieveable with a newborn though so our house is now full of nappies, muslin cloths, baby dungarees and wooden toys!

As to what interests me as a new Mama, it really does depend on my brain capacity at the time – generally it’s being out and about in idyllic locations (my travel photography has been featured on The Guardian multiple times via GuardianWitness), buying prints and planning interior projects – oh and sleep. We are really starting to miss sleep.

A bit about Mini


Mini is your typical newborn – he sleeps, eats and requires a fair few nappy changes. He’s increasingly alert, is best settled in someone’s arms or with Ewan the Sheep nearby, and has a cheeky little smile when he’s milk drunk.

Posts arrive as quickly or as slowly as their inspiration and Mini’s face/image will never be used to promote products so please bear this in mind if you would like us to review anything.






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    Love your blog’s name!

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    Lovely, lovely, lovely. Adore the balloons and the positivity!

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