4 ways to integrate modern seating into a Victorian terrace in collaboration with Homebase (SP)

February 28, 2015

Terraced houses (like the one we live in) in up-and-coming neighbourhoods can be the perfect first home. They’re an affordable way of getting onto the property ladder and present a rewarding challenge of complimenting old features with modern fixtures and furniture.

Choosing the right seating for your home can be one of the greatest challenges – with living rooms often serving dual purposes, it can be easy to fill the sizable room you have with furniture that overwhelms the space and we usually forget about how we can add additional seating into the wider home (i.e. not just in the living room!).

While size is a key consideration (don’t forget you need to fit them through the door!), plenty of terraced homes retain key features such as beautiful fireplaces and log fires which present the challenge of finding seating that will both compliment the space and showcase your personality.

There are an inordinate amount of options out there and Homebase’s selection of sofas and armchairs offer a number of options for all budgets in one place – from modern desirable brands like Habitat and lesser known but equally desirable names. Bearing this in mind, here are 4 ways to integrate modern seating into a Victorian terrace:

1. Choose neutral colours to emphasise key features like log fires

Wyatt Large Sofa Maywood Grey, Light Feet – £649.00

If you have a living room which comes with a beautiful focal point such as a log fire and complimentary fireplace, that’s where you want to draw your visitor’s attention to when they walk through the door rather than your furniture.

Seating undoubtedly takes up the most space and one of the best ways to ensure it blends in with your wider decor is to choose a neutral colour such as the Maywood Grey featured above.

In terms of vibe, if you’re looking to maintain a cosy cottage feel, choose a traditional and ever so comfortable looking style like the Wyatt sofa (pictured above). If you prefer a 70’s, hyper modern style look towards Habitat for defined, curved arms.

Habitat Birdy Blue & Green Bird-Patterned Cushion 45 x 45 cm – £6.93 (sale)

Neutral colours give a perfect base to showcase your own personality – you can add pops of colour and print via cushions such as this Blue & Green Bird-Patterned Cushion from habitat or contrast textures and textiles with throws and blankets.

2. Only have as much seating as you need

Wyatt Snuggler Chair Maywood Grey, Light Feet – £449.00

Living rooms in Victorian terraces often have dual purposes owing to the size of the kitchen space and the fact that front doors generally open straight into the living room rather than into a hallway. Because of this, it’s important that you don’t overwhelm your space with too much furniture.

While many of us have the panic of finding emergency chairs at Christmas and other celebrations, on a day-to-day basis we don’t usually need that much seating. Rather than overcompensate for seating when you don’t need it, invest in a couple of key pieces of furniture that you can enjoy every day and use any money you’ve saved on emergency chairs that can be stored away easily.

The Wyatt range (pictured above) has large and regular sofas as well as armchairs and larger snuggler chairs. If your living room has enough space, invest in a large sofa and a snuggler chair rather than 2 regular sofas. This should allow you to have a number of configurations as to where you can place your seating and offer more space around the snuggler chair than you’d otherwise have with a sofa (dependent on the other furniture in the space). Plus, how comfortable does a snuggler chair sound?!

3. Add an armchair to your bedroom furniture collection

Habitat Wilmot Grey Fabric Armchair with Multi-Coloured Buttons, £650.00

Victorian terraced houses have the benefit of having sizable bedrooms and whilst plenty of storage can be a good thing, too much can turn what could be a comfortable bedroom into a functional dressing room.

Counteract the desire to fill empty spaces with storage by investing in an indulgent and glamorous armchair. Add a touch of personality by choosing a neutral chair with colourful embellishments (like the one above from Habitat) or choose a colourful chair that matches your colour scheme.

Similarly to the living room seating, the chair in your bedroom can be easily personalised with cushions and throws – just make sure it doesn’t become an untidy dumping ground for the clothes you haven’t put away!

Heart of House Journey Cushion, Blue – £9.99

I like the idea of having the positive thinking cushion pictured above in my bedroom – what a lovely thought to be reminded of as you’re getting ready for your day (and settling down for the night).

 4. Don’t forget about the box room

Victorian terraces often come with a small box room which can be harder to furnish than the sizeable bedrooms. You usually find yourself with three options: creating a small bedroom, turning it into a small walk-in dressing room or utilising it as an office space (or maybe a combination of them all!).

Wyatt Snugglebed Hobart Duck Egg, Light Feet – £549.00

If you’re going for the small bedroom approach make the most of the limited space by investing in a sofa bed. It’ll give the room the impression of being larger than it is when everything is put away and allows you to add further functional pieces to the room like a table or small desk.

Small box rooms are often painted in light neutral colours to give the impression that it’s bigger than it is so add some colour with your chosen sofa bed. This Wyatt Snugglebed comes in duck egg which would add a regal, Laura Ashley vintage vibe and would be perfectly complemented by a small vintage-esque white and light wood side table decorated with fresh flowers and a typography print.

Farah Footstool, Grey – £44.93 (sale)

If you’d prefer a dressing room, consider a large armchair like the Habitat chair highlighted in earlier to add a little sophistication to your small dressing space. Alternatively, pair a dressing table with a geometric footstool to create a practical yet stylish vibe amongst your clothing storage (a stool should easily stow away under the table giving you more floor space too).

Habitat Momo Fabric Armchair, Saffron Yellow – £250.00

Finally, if an office space is a must, remember to give yourself a seating option that’s a little more comfortable than a traditional computer chair. We’re advised to take plenty of screen breaks throughout the day and if you take meetings at your home office (or generally like to sit somewhere a little more comfortable when you’re reading) you’ll need another chair.

Investing in a colourful yet functional piece for your office can turn the room into an enjoyable space to work in and be more welcoming for both you and guests. Plus, if you choose a colour that complements the colour schemes in your wider home, it can come in useful when you need those emergency chairs at Christmas!

If you like any of the furniture pictured above, click on the images to go to the relevant pages.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Homebase. All of the content and opinions are my own and the only prerequisite of the post was to talk about the Homebase Sofa and Armchair collection – an easy task because I’m a fan of the ranges available at Homebase – and they’re our nearest DIY store so we visit whenever we’re embarking on a new house project.

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